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Post by Shorty on Thu May 31, 2018 1:51 pm

2. Forum Rules 2aj6zvt


  • Trolling: Posting OOG in an IG thread in any shape or form.
  • Thread Jacking: Posting in IG threads which have nothing to do with you.
  • Bumping: Rps are graded by a first come first serve basis. Do not bump your post in the Report Center to get a faster grade.
  • Cheating: Anything deemed as cheating (multiple accounts over the limit*, exploiting a flaw in the game, abusing a staff account, anything deemed as just outright wrong) is punishable.
  • Bigotry: Racism, Sexism, and prejudice of any shape, way, or form in an OOG context is prohibited.
  • Sexual Content: Sexual content is not allowed.

Warnings are a visible punishment for breaking the rules. You get two warnings; the third one is a ban. A reason and a warning expiration date will be provided to you if you get one. You may tactfully appeal a warning by sending Shorty a PM. If your appeal is denied you will stop complaining, or receive another warning. Persistence is Futile.

Bans are issued for an accumulation of warnings, or behaviors that warrant immediate banning. A ban can range from a day to being permanent. A reason and a ban expiration date will be provided to you if you get one. You may tactfully appeal a ban by sending an email to Shorty. If your appeal is denied you will stop complaining and wait out your ban, or you will be perma-banned. Resistance is Futile.

The PM system is the best way to contact Staff. In an emergency, email may be used instead of The PM system. You may contact staff about any concern, idea or comment that you may have about the site or the game. Be patient and respectful. You may NOT contact staff to be disrespectful, to argue or to get them to grade. Crying, whining, bitching, moaning, or generally acting like an annoying little cunt will get you insta-banned.

This is an 18 and up site. If you are not mature enough, lack testicular fortitude or thickness of skin then maybe this game is not for you. Nobody is going to hold your hand. There are no safe spaces here. Play at your own risk.


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