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1. Player Agreement Empty 1. Player Agreement

Post by Shorty on Thu May 31, 2018 1:47 pm

1. Player Agreement 103h1qb

By registering an account on TTOO, you as the PLAYER: 

  • UNDERSTAND that TTOO, it’s STAFF and OWNER are not responsible for any emotional or mental damage you may suffer by playing this game.
  • UNDERSTAND that TTOO, it’s STAFF and OWNER are not responsible for any slander posted by members of STAFF or PLAYERS. 
  • UNDERSTAND that you must be 18 years or older to register and play. If you are not you must have a parent or legal guardian’s consent.
  • UNDERSTAND that this game is meant for mature audiences, as it contains independent writings of its PLAYERS and may contain violence and or other objectionable material.
  • UNDERSTAND that this game is a free game and can be denied to you for any reason without due cause and or due process by the game OWNER.
  • UNDERSTAND that these rules can change at any time or be superseded by the OWNER or an ADMINISTRATOR. 
  • UNDERSTAND the following rules set forth by the document from which this statement is read; also all other official rule documents.
  • UNDERSTAND that you are bound by all rulings by the ADMINISTRATION after you have exhausted all means for appeal or have been noted it is a final ruling. 
  • UNDERSTAND that if you wrote it, you own it - that means if anyone else uses your written word on another site it is your responsibility to stop them - not TTOO’s. However by proving it is your work being used on TTOO by someone that is not you, it will be removed. 
  • AGREE not to abuse the site, cheat, or otherwise harm TTOO in any way and hold yourself responsible for your own actions.
  • AGREE to this PLAYER AGREEMENT and hold nothing against the STAFF or PLAYERS of TTOO, and hereby do not hold liable any person who uses the website TTOO.FORUMOTION.COM


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