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3. Game Rules Qryc75


  • Name: Your character must have a fitting name. Numbers, leet speak, foreign characters will not be accepted. The use of nicknames within a character name is permitted, but must be done with class. Ex: dopeassgangsta69 will not be permitted. Michael “The Bull” Wallace will be fine.

  • Rap Sheet: Your first post must be made in the Rap Sheet forum. This will be the place where you can explain your character in detail, post background history, link all of your RPs as well as all the things you’ve earned. Check out some of the Rap Sheets made by other players to get a better idea on how you want yours to look. Remember if it isn't listed and linked in your Rap Sheet, it doesn't exist.

  • Avatar: Don't be a dunce. Get a proper avatar. It makes the board look better. You can make your own avatars, or if you are lost in the sauce, you can always request help in the Artwork forum. You must have a reasonable avatar, something that fits into the game world. Basically don't put a meme, a cartoon or a potato as your avatar.

  • Signature: Signatures are the place where you must link your Rap Sheet. This helps Staff and other Players get to your Rap Sheet quickly. You can use an image as a link, or link some text. It's totally up to you. Without a proper link to your Rap Sheet in your Signature, you are not considered an IG character. Make sure you do this!


  • Quality Of Writing: This Thing Of Ours is a writing site, and a writing game. When you submit a role play to the Report Center, a Staff member will judge it based on Quality Of Your Writing, Reasoning and Realism. Staff will be more lenient towards new members and those who are not as advanced at the craft or who's first language isn't English. This game is about writing sensible, clear and detailed role plays. The more detail you put into your work and the better your writing is, the more you can generally get away with in game.

  • Reasoning: When you write up a role play, make sure that you have a clear, concise reason for doing whatever it is you are doing. Think about the plausibility of your actions and always be ready to explain your reasoning for any given action you commit. This rule was established to thwart players from randomly attacking one another for no apparent reason at all.

  • Realism: The game operates on psuedo-realism, that is to say, we are about as realistic as a game like Grand Theft Auto V, or crime movies. The basic laws of physics apply, you cannot pretend you are in the Matrix, but you can get away with quite a lot more than you would in real-life.

  • Requests: At the end of your role play, list all the things you are requesting. If your piece was written well enough, the grading Staff member should approve them with no problem. At this point, you may update your Rap Sheet and link the items, drugs, money, or whatever that you acquired. You want it? Go out and get it.


  • Personal Risk: When you're role playing against another player, you must put your character at personal risk. This rule was created to prevent the asshattery that happened in previous games where people would send armies of NPC's to do all of their bidding while hiding in mountain fortresses like a god damn James Bond villain.

  • Stealth-Edits: Stealth editing is changing your Rap Sheet or your role play in an attempt to bolster your defense/ offense. Doing so is especially tasteless and will result in a forfeit for the Stealth Editor.

  • Quoting Pieces: You can quote a Piece that is posted against you in order to prevent any edits, however you may only quote it once. When attacking another Player you may also quote their last Piece, or a relevant snippet of it to better write your Hit off of their last action, location. This can be done once before posting your Hit, and every time you Counter a defense. Post the quotes in the relevant post, not the other person's Rap Sheet.

  • Quoting Rap Sheets: It is highly recommended you do this if someone takes action against you, or if your attacking someone, right away. This prevents stealth-editing. Post the quotes in the relevant post, not the other person's Rap Sheet.

  • Godmodding: You cannot god-mod other Players or their NPCs.


  • Grading is the main job of every single member of Staff. Upon grading, your post will be evaluated, your situation looked at, your IG actions dealt with, and you will get feedback in the form of critique and a grade. If requested the grading Staff member will issue a Counter.

  • When you have completed a role play, you will make a post in the Report Center with a working link to the role play.

  • Once a role play has been submitted to the Report Center, it is considered “in play”.

  • Do not edit, or delete your role play after submitting it to the Report Center, this is called Stealth-editing.

  • Do not bump Report Center posts.

  • Staff grades from oldest to newest.

  • Staff have [24] hours to grade role plays posted in the Report Center.

  • Grades are absolute once rendered.

  • Staff may not overturn or reverse a rendered grade.

  • Players may contest a grade by posting an appeal.

  • Every player receives 2 appeals before their case is dismissed.

  • New players shall not be judged as harshly as older players.


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